(think circular flipbook)

a reimagining of the mutoscope


I've always loved the look of the classic mutoscope. the cast iron clamshell design


when i first saw the inside i thought thats really what they are about.


so i set out to take the insdie the "wheel" of images and make a mutoscope that was beautiful to look at as a sculpture


and then you can interact with it




Persistence of vision is not just a toy


Persistence of vision refers to the optical illusion that occurs when visual perception of an object does not cease for some time after the rays of light proceeding from it have ceased to enter the eye.[2] The illusion has also been described as "retinal persistence",[3] "persistence of impressions" or simply "persistence" and other variations.


This has been believed to be the explanation for motion perception in cinema and animated films, but this theory has long been discarded by scientists.



Introducing a series of animated devices based old cinematic devices

o' tacoma

where the bridge blows swiftly in the wind

more coming soon