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this is where it all began

This was the first thisway/thatway I created.
It was in celebration of their 40th  anniversary. That's mom and dad on their wedding day and still smiling 40 years later.

Carol and Lester

(aka: mom and dad)

after that, custom requests came in

Bob and Sunny

father and daughter,

photographed in studio

biz kid. biz man.



(both six years old)

The povich swing

Maury starts the swing as a kid, finishes it years later.


two to seven.

(in only 35 years too.)

Suzi and Paul

Many anniversaries for this amazing couple

then came art shows, street fairs and museums

Here's mom hawking my wares at the Coconut Grove Art Fair in Florida

Streets of SoHo, needless to say.

a portable display

for thisway/thatway


In order to get out on the streets and in the parks, I designed a display that would also hold and transport the thisway/thatways for sale. It needed to be lightweight, inexpensive and durable. The idea was to make everything fold to fit into a milk crate attached to my bicycle. I also wanted the display to spin slowly to draw the eyes

This couple came up to me at a show in Florida, said they got "some art like this as a gift from a friend."  I recognized them from the photos I used to create the piece. I even had them in my samples book

a Positive and negative stretched self portriat



fly. swatter.

hey lois,

check out the glasses.

(And you call yourself a reporter. Fake news!!!)

God. DemiGod

(One's scary, the other's from Japan)

Stars. Stripes

(America. Great.)


(With Liberty and Pokey for all)


When they first came out and when they came back out



ben & Ulysses

Andrew and thomas

abe & george


A snowdome

(Shaken, yet not really stirred)

after that, the custom THISWAY/THATWAYS began