Seizure, Blackouts and Eyestrain

A small percentage of people may be susceptible to blackouts or seizures (even if they have never had one before) when exposed to flashing lights or

patterns such as when playing games or watching video. If you have experienced seizures or blackouts or have a family history of such occurrences,

consult a physician before playing video games or watching videos. Discontinue use of BB-8 App Enabled Droid and your smart device controller and consult a physician if you experience headaches, blackouts, seizures, convulsion, eye or muscle twitching, loss of awareness, involuntary movement, or disorientation. To reduce risk of headaches, blackouts, seizures, and eyestrain, avoid prolonged use, hold your smart device controller some distance from your eyes, use BB-8 App Enabled Droid in a well-lit room, and take frequent breaks.

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