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why flipbooks as sculpture?


i've always had a fascination with flip books, i have created dozens of them and have hundreds of flipbooks in my collection. but that wasn't enough, i always wanted them to be more, to be a presence, to be art, . . .



how big are they?


there are 2 standard sizes


the smaller ones are 100 frames (18" by 6.5" by 5.5" tall)


the bigger ones are 250 frames (36" by 6.5" by 5.5" tall)


more than 250 frames, even bigger, let's talk.



how long can the "video clip" be.


100 frames will give between 4- 15 seconds of "video"*


250 frames gives between 10 - 50 seconds of "video"*


more than 250 frames can be any size, even a whole movie, though you would need a really big space for that.


   *just a guideline, it depends on the footage




what are verticalCINEMAS made of?


hand crafted with printed vinyl, wood, steel.



can you work with my home videos?


yes, certain motion is better suited for the movement of the flipping and the overall effect. but feel free to send me what you've got and we can see what will work best.



how can i send video to you?


videos can be shared via a drop box, youtube, dvd...



can you shoot the video for me?


yes. video with a verticalCINEMA in mind helps to create an even more dramatic, graphic look. A video shoot can be set-up anywhere.



can you edit the video for me?


yes. minor editing such as cropping and triming the clip is included, after that it's $75 an hour (estimated before hand)


  • special effects

  • titles

  • creating new backgrounds

  • edit together elements from different videos

  • have that cousin once removed, actually removed,

  • etc, etc, etc...



how long until i can start flipping?


standard sizes ship in 3-4 weeks, usually quicker.

other sizes, maybe longer, depends on material, content, etc...


how much do they cost?


$1,000 for the smaller ones (100 frames)

$2,000 for the bigger ones (250 frames)

$??? even larger larger, longer, more screen time, more frames


plus shipping and handling


ok, i want one. now what?


that’s awesome! thank you, please contact rob at or by phone at 917-608-6379










the first flip book

i made was for my grandmother. she was

turning 90 and we had

a party for her. this

was the invitation.